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Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo Jumps is a high performance workout with spring boots. They reduce ground clearance by up to 80% thanks to their patented system …
Зумба София, Студентски град

Zumba fitness

Zumba fitness is an energetic and invigorating style based on the basics of all types of dance. You dance in Latin, hip-hop, white dance, reggaeton, even tango while losing weight.

Step aerobics

The movements are composed of aerobic models of classical aerobics, which are performed on a steppe platform with low or high intensity load against the background of energetic pop music.

About Us


MVJ SPORT is the largest center for conditioning training, dance and aerobics sports in one of the most dynamic quarters of Sofia – Studentski grad. We have been successfully developing classes for all ages for ten years. Our goal is to stimulate a healthy lifestyle with pleasant emotions in a cosy and friendly atmosphere.

Our concept is to provide to the utmost various and attractive workout programme. We motivate our clients to join in various dance and workout programmes. 

Степ аеробика студентски град MVJ SPORT
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