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Милен Kangoo jumps Italia

Milen Cvetanov

Milen Cvetanov Кондиционни тренировки ПрограмаЗаписване Millen Tsvetanov is a running coach, conditioning coach, fitness instructor and nutritionist. Milen is four-time Republican champion in athletics. He won his Republican awards in the following categories: 100m of smooth running (sprint) in 2003 and 2004, relays (4x100m) from 2003 to 2010, 60 m of smooth running (sprint) in... ВИЖ ОЩЕ
Валентина Недева MVJ Sport снимка

Valentina Nedeva

Valentina Nedeva Zumba fitness | Kangoo Jumps | Сватбен танц | ПрограмаЗаписване Valentina Nedeva is one of the first Bulgarian Zumba instructors. She has certificates in Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao (with chairs), Zumba Kids, Strong by Zumba, Basic 2, Pro skills, Zumba Core, Zumba Glutes. She has a personal profile in Zumba Instructor Network. Valentina... ВИЖ ОЩЕ

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