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Spinning тренировки в София - Студентски град




60 min.






Description: Spinning is a group aerobic workout. It is an organized cycling of specially adapted for the occasion indoor bicycles called spinners. It is conducted by qualified instructors and it can be a low intensity workout as well as a high intensity workout. The bicycles and the choreography of spinning have been created to imitate cycling in cross country.
Duration of one hour of spinning is 55 minutes. During this hour the participants follow an instructor and pass through different stages – climbing, descent, sprints and etc.
Like any aerobic workout, the spinning starts with a warm-up, passes through the basic aerobic part which continues not less than 20 minutes and then the heartbeat of the participants gradually returns to the values typical in the beginning of the hour. Some studies show that 40 minutes of spinning burn about 500 calories. You should take in consideration that this value is only approximate because the amount of the calories burned is influenced by the intensity of the workout and other factors.
Positive effects from spinning:
If you practice spinning regularly, you can expect:

– developing strong, durable and healthy heart;

– greater aerobic endurance in case of loads for longer periods of time;

– reducing the time for body recovery after the workout;

– an opportunity to accumulate more energy;

– loss of a great amount of body fat .


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