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Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo jumps София
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Kangoo Jumps *it is necessary to register in advance to book shoes on tel. +359 878 27 28 22

IMPORTANT! In Kangoo Jumps classes, it is necessary to put long socks. In case you forget, you can buy them from the reception desk. It is also necessary to register at least 15 minutes before the class.

Kangoo Jumps is a highly efficient training performed by means of springy shoes. They reduce the counteraction to the ground up to 80 % thanks to their patent IPS protection system. They have been created for rehabilitation purposes in ‘80s in Canada and later on in 1994 they were used as an aerobic and entertaining sport. The workout looks like a dance because the steps are superimposed and after their combination in the end of the main part, one block of steps is formed, arranged in choreography within the sound of popular dance music.

Health benefits:

– Burning 25 % more calories in comparison with other aerobic sports;

– Joint protection;

– It helps to keep a proper posture of the spine;

– Strengthening intervertebral discs;

– Improvement of body balance and coordination;

– Reducing time for rehabilitation;

– Strengthening the cardiovascular system;

– Loading all muscles of the body.




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